Cloud City VR

Cloud City VR

A Virtual Reality City Builder


Build Your City

Cloud City VR is an immersive city builder where you decide how your city grows and develops, and then get to experience it firsthand from a citizen’s perspective. You must make key decisions like choosing the size and placement of residential and industrial areas.

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Manage Every Aspect

Once the buildings are placed, your role as mayor has only just begun, as you need to keep track of happiness and income to make sure that every bit of the city is as productive as it can be. Every building is unique, and the interactions between people and businesses define the success of a city.

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Advanced Visual Effects

Cloud City VR includes rain weather effects and full day-night cycles with beautiful sunsets and starry night skies. While building and managing your city, you can always take a break to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings in Cloud City.

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