Cloud City VR


FloatingPoint Interactive
Based in London, England

Founding date:
December 16, 2016


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Floating Point Interactive is a small independent games studio hard at work building Cloud City: A VR City Builder!

Build your city, keep your populace happy and watch your economy thrive in VR!

You start with a floating island that needs some work. Entice your population to grow by creating jobs and investing in transport, leisure and green space. Maintain your economy by having available workers and consumers, and building industrial and commercial space. You need to hit the right balance to keep your city prospering. When one city is stable, you can buy another island linked by bridges in the clouds.


+ Sclupt your environment in virtual reality
+ Explore your city in first person
+ Advanced economic model that simulates individual businesses and the interactions between communities
+ Sell and create advertisements to earn extra cash
+ Intuituve UI for painting roads, adding buildings and interacting with the world
+ Complete contracts to unlock achievements and new territory
+ Dynamic day/ night system using physically based rendering for accurate and beautiful visuals
+ Create a beautiful city with over 100 unique and inidvidual buildings, props and landscaping.


Game Play Trailer - February 2017 YouTube


There are far more images available for Cloud City VR, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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